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How To Be Best Prepared for A Rental Application

By Ben - MahiWeb

With most of our cities and towns suffering from a housing shortage, finding a suitable rental home is becoming increasingly challenging.
Just like a job interview, arriving well-organised, well-presented, and on time goes a long way to help make a positive impression at a property viewing. A few successful renters go even so far as printing a renting CV or cover letter, along with their renting background and details about themselves.
For tenants, having the needed documents at hand will help you jump ahead in the queue in a very tight, competitive market. So, to increase your chances for approval, it’s essential to prepare. We have put together a few tips to assist you in learning how to prepare your rental application.

How to Prepare for a Rental Application in Queensland?

Potential tenants could become discouraged in a competitive rental market after numerous applications being denied by property management companies. However, optimistic leaseholders could take specific steps to prevent further disappointments and help their rental applications stand out from the rest.
Have you already found the best properties for rent in Cairns? Do not let it slip away. Follow our tips below for an extraordinary and successful rental application.

Gather all required information

To apply for a rental property, you need to present identification and proof of income. To begin your rental application process, collect some of the important documents below:

  • Proof of income
  • Reference contact information
  • Application form completed in full
  • Pet references (if applicable)
  • Cover letter

To save time and become efficient, have the necessary documents ready, together with photocopies on hand, to accompany your application form. Ask your current agent if applicable for a copy of your tenancy ledger and or last routine inspection report.

Character References can help

Having some written references from people in your life can go a long way in showing the landlord the type of person you are. In fact, that will stand you ahead of the competition. You can ask for letters of references from your recent property managers or landlords who you have rented from in the past.
However, it would help if you were extra cautious in picking your referees. A bad choice could sink an otherwise strong rental application. Always keep that in mind.

Apply Online

Applying online will allow you to save time and effort when applying. Further, online means typing and not writing. You can always read the typing, so you don’t spend time finding the proper information or using the wrong information for your decision.
Many online rental application forms also need important fields of the application to be filled out before submission. That could help to expedite the process by getting you the information quicker.

Organise bond and initial rent

Nothing amazes a property manager or landlord more than a tenant with a good cash flow. In a competitive rental market in Queensland, applicants that have their bond and first month’s rent ready to go will have a higher chance of being considered for the property.
Not having enough cash in your wallet for such expenses is a big no-no in the eyes of a potential landlord.

Be on time and be professional

You need to be on your best “good tenant” behaviour when you see a rental. Always show up time, dress appropriately, and present yourself as somebody who is both agreeable and conscientious. Are you attending an open house? Then you need to arrive at the start (but not too early), if possible.
Keep in mind that landlords or property managers do not like dealing with fussy or overly demanding tenants who complain about small things. So do not start by requesting a long list of improvements and some special favours before you are even offered the place.
You should and can ask questions. However, you need to realise that the landlord might misunderstand negative- or pointed-sounding questions as signs you will be a complicated tenant.

Be honest

Do not try to hide your pet from the landlord. Dog-owning tenants only put themselves in danger of getting caught later, even if they get past the application stage of a no-pets property. If the landlord finds out an undocumented animal in the building, you could withhold the security deposit, apply pet charges, fees for cleaning costs, and evict policy behaviours.
Please stay away from such financial complications and burdens by taking responsibility for pets and paying the needed dues to have them cohabitate. In addition, informing the management of a cat or dog should not negatively affect the application process as long as the building allows pets.

Prepare a Cover Letter

Most landlords do not require a cover letter. However, if you go to the extra step, your application can be looked at more closely. In addition, creating a cover letter will prove how conscientious you are as a potential tenant.
You might also like to add a few personal information that makes you more appealing to the property manager or landlord, like you have a stable income, do not smoke, and other things.
Whether you are a tenant searching for a new home or an owner searching for the perfect tenant, professional management can help. Ray White Smithfield can assist you with your rental application, and help you find a property for rent in Cairns, houses for rent in Trinity Beach, and Rent in Smithfield.

While some landlords are stricter on applications than others, these tips above should help in a standard rental request. By implementing these tips, lessees can find suitable rentals and positively prove their qualifications to the property manager.
We hope you find something informative and helpful in this post. We also hope this has been helpful, and we wish you well in your hunt for a property. If you are ready and need assistance in the whole rental application process, give Ray White Smithfield a call today!
Do you have inquiries about the application process in Queensland? Do not worry because we will always be happy to answer any questions you have in mind about our services.

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