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Clifton Beach

If you’re looking for a relatively unspoiled area of Queensland that has great scenery, Clifton Beach certainly ticks all the right boxes. Just a few miles from the much busier city of Cairns, it is fast becoming a prime location for new and established professionals to set up home and raise a family.

People come to the area because of its miles of golden beaches and the surrounding mountains but also because of its proximity to Cairns and its business sectors. Here there are no high rises, only elegant and pristine homes that are perfect for those who like a little bit of quiet but don’t want to be too far from the busy central metropolis.

Where is it?

An idyllic coastal suburb, Clifton Beach is just a few miles from the centre of Cairns. With a population of just over 3,000, it is often seen as a tourist destination but has lately become a great place for professionals to settle down and start bringing up a family.


Set in the heart of Aboriginal country, you may think that Clifton Beach as a residential area has a long and established history. It’s named after the birthplace of settler Mary Hunter Smart who came here in the 1880s but it was only recently that Clifton Beach began to attract residents and the local post office only opened for the first time in 1969.

What’s So Great About Clifton Beach?

People come to Clifton Beach for the peace and quiet and the fact that the weather is pretty good all year round. The first thing to mention is the beach which seems to stretch on forever between Port Douglas and Cairns itself.

There are plenty of amenities nearby including Daintree Forest to the North and Hartleys Crocodile Park which is fun for all the kids.

The climate in the area means that it’s warm all year, with just a few spectacular thunderstorms to help keep the area green. If you don’t mind tourists but still don’t want to be bothered by the hectic nightlife that some crave, Clifton Beach is the perfect location because it has a much more laid back feel to things.

All in all, this is a great location to set up a home if you prefer a quiet and serene lifestyle and a more remote feel to things. If you want some excitement and lots going on, you can always head up the coast to Cairns and take in the city nightlife – it’s just a few miles away.

There are several schools for all ages in the Clifton Beach area and plenty of nearby amenities for the kids to get involved in including for sports and other outdoor activities.

House Prices

The houses around Clifton Beach are more expensive than in other areas around Cairns and you can expect to pay a median price of over $600,000. If you’re looking to invest and rent out a property, you can expect to get, on average, $570 a week.